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Presenting the ORIGINAL DESI RICE produced from indigenous seeds dated back to 12,000 years old cultivation.

Savor the pure, natural goodness of our

100% Pure and Wholesome Naturally grown rice

Our traditionally grown rice is a true labor of love, created through a collaboration between farmers and nature. Using 27 varieties of desi seeds and natural farming methods, we cultivate each grain with care and respect for the land. The result is a delicious and nutritious rice that captures the rich flavours and traditions of the past. Every bite is a celebration of natural farming and the hardworking farmers who make it all possible.
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We are bringing it all back!

World's eldest cultivating heritage - born in India 🇮🇳

Each variety of our Ved Bharath Natural foods date back to as far as 12,000 years of Indian heritage. We make this possible through natural co-farming with around 500+ acres of high soil fertility lands in India.

Farmers' Knowledge

Our farmers' expertise in natural rice cultivation results in a delicious, nourishing product. Supporting organic agriculture.

Purity of Rice

Experience the purity and natural goodness of our naturally grown rice. Every grain is bursting with nutrients and flavor.

Natural Balance

Our natural farming methods maintain a healthy balance in the ecosystem, producing nourishing rice for all to enjoy.

High Fertility Soil

Natural farming methods enhance the fertility of our soil, producing a delicious and nutrient-rich crop of rice.

"Eating healthy is a smart choice that you make today and it pays you back every day"

Introducing Navara

Good source of
proteins & antioxidants

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Introducing Indrani

Boost metabolism,
Promote weight loss

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Introducing Chintaluri Sannalu

0% Chemical food,
natural produce

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Ensure a healthy everyday diet for your family

Get 100% organic rice from farm to your table

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The reviews are in! 💛

I recently tried 'Sannalu' of naturally grown rice and good quality 💖 The rice had a perfect texture 🤩, with each grain being firm and separate 🤤.

I highly recommend Navara rice to anyone looking to improve their health. My parents have been eating it regularly and have noticed an increase in energy and a decrease in their cholesterol levels. The taste is also a major plus - it's nutty and delicious!

My husband and I started having Veda Bharath's organic rice for the past 3 months and have noticed a significant improvement in digestion. We no longer experiences bloating and discomfort after meals and our energy levels have increased.

I've been using Narayana Kamini rice for the past few months and have noticed a significant improvement in my mother's knee joint pains. Not only has the pain decreased, but I've also noticed an increase in her bone strength, her ability to be active, and overall well-being. 💖💪

I recently started feeding my child Maisuri Malliga rice, also known as kids' rice, and have noticed a significant improvement in their digestion and overall energy levels. Their immunity has also seemed to strengthen, and we have not had any issues with sickness since incorporating this rice into their diet.

I recently tried Chinthaluri Sannalu rice and was blown away by its unique taste and nutritional value. The rice is unpolished, high in fiber and protein, and low in carbs, making it a healthy option for all recipes. I highly recommend giving it a try.

I've been feeding my child Indrani rice and have noticed a significant improvement in their bone strength. It's packed with nutrients and minerals like zinc and calcium, which have been essential for their growth and development. The taste is also great - my child enjoys it as a part of their meals. 🙏😊😍

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